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Parent Support Group

The AMKPS PSG was founded in May 2010 in the spirit to foster closer ties between parents of our pupils and the School through volunteering, sharing or contributing of services, knowledge, expertise or time in support of the School's vision and mission. 

The PSG aims to serve as a bridge between the School and the parents, helping our parents to better understand the School's policies and goals, and provides them with opportunities to show support and interest in our children's school life to develop stronger bond between parents and their children, at the same time enabling the creation of a warm and friendly environment for sharing of constructive feedback and experiences. 

The PSG will play a key role in supporting and assisting the organizing of seminars, workshops, lectures, school events/activities or exhibitions for the benefit of our children and fellow parents of the school. Through the involvement of our Parent-Members in all the PSG activities, the PSG hopes to channel these parent resources to create a conducive learning environment for the holistic development of our children in both the academics and social arenas, providing an all-round education to maximize each child's potential.

If you are interested to find out more about the PSG, and want to join us, please fill up the downloadable form and submit to our General Office.