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Read With Me Programme 

We are very sure that most of us will agree that reading is one of the important skills and habits we can impart to our children. Through reading, our children will develop language skills and expand his or her vocabularies; ability to think critically and creatively; strengthen his or her self-confidence and further develop a positive self-identity. Most importantly, reading shapes a child’s character so that they will grow up to be positive and productive people who will make the world a better place.    As such, we, the teachers of Ang Mo Kio Primary School, have created a reading programme just for our children called “Read with Me” to develop their interest and ability to engage in reading. This programme is targeted at the Primary 1 and 2 children and their parents and family members. It started with a workshop for the parents of these children and their parents on 8th November 2014. Through this workshop, the teachers shared with the parents some tips on how to engage their children in reading at home. Simultaneously, the children were exposed to interesting activities like acting out stories and experiencing what a picnic was.    Then, the children were encouraged to read as many books as they could, with their parents, during the holidays. The books that they will read will be recorded by their parents in a form. When the school reopens, the pupils who read the most number of books would be recognized as the Super Reader of their class and be awarded a prize.    The children are also strongly encouraged to recommend storybooks that they have enjoyed. It is hoped that their passion in reading these books will be spread and more Super Readers will be created. 

Read With Me Programme - Raising Readers 2015

Modular Science Parents Workshop

The modular workshop aims to create awareness for parents to seize ‘teaching moments’ at home and link scientific concepts to activities that students do at home. At the same time, the workshop also aims to provide students with an understanding that the learning of Scientific concepts or phenomena should not be restricted to the textbook or workbook but instead ‘Science can be found Everywhere’ and ‘All Around Us’. 

P3 Solar car Module

P4 Lego Challenge

P4 Ooblek

P5 DNA Extraction

P5 Snap Circuit

Debrief Session