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Character & Citizenship Education


Every Child a Leader for Good


To Care, To Guide, To Inspire

AMKPS aims to use a comprehensive, intentional and proactive approach in order to utilise all aspects of school life as opportunities for character development. The components of this approach include the academic curriculum, co-curricular curriculum and explicit teaching of the school values, SEL skills and C2015 competencies through platforms such as FTGP and Assembly programmes.

Key areas of focus

  • Student Well-Being
  • Character Education
  • Values in Action (VIA)
  • Student Leadership

Programmes in 2013 - 2014

Student Well-Being

Orientation Week 2013
Pupils We believe that a good start is half the battle won. Hence, pupils will be engaged in Orientation activities with their new teachers and classmates during the first 3 days of school. They will set the class rules with the teacher, play ice-breaker games and organise the classroom environment. In addition, pupils will attend school or level-wide talks which include:
  • Principal’s Time with the levels
  • School and Road Safety Briefing
  • School Rules Briefing
  • Goal setting talks for P6 pupils by SFE
  • Educational and Career awareness talks for P5 and P6 pupils

The Orientation programme provides an opportunity for teachers and pupils to have positive interactions with one another in order to build strong bonds and a sense of belonging,essential ingredients for effective teaching and learning.

Counselling and Learning Needs
In AMKPS, we believe in supporting the child holistically.Our school counsellors and AED LBS are available avenues for our pupils to be supported in accordance to their emotional and learning needs.
P6 Camp STAR (Study And Relax)
The P6 teachers initiated a camp for the P6 pupils prior to the PSLE since 2010. The teachers wanted to motivate the pupils before the stressful examination period and also to build up camaraderie in the cohort.




We recognise the importance of recognition in nurturing the character of our pupils and have created a variety of platforms to celebrate and encourage good behaviour and values in action.
  • Edusave Character Awards 
  • Character Awards (School Annual Prize Presentation)
  • Role Model Pupil Awards (Every Semester)
  • Caught Being Good awards (Every Term)
  • Praise Cards
Peers will submit Praise Cards of classmates or schoolmates who are of exemplary behavior in class or school. 


Explicit Teaching of Values

Character Matters Lessons
The FTGP was introduced to Primary 1 and 2 in all primary schools in 2010, in alignment with recommendations by the Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) committee. The FTGP has been implemented for all levels in AMKPS since 2012.

In year 2014, the school will be implementing the Character Matters lessons where FTGP and explicit teaching of values will materialize. The central idea and purpose behind FTGP is to provide time within the curriculum for form teachers to engage in quality interactions with their pupils and for them to help pupils strengthen social and emotional competencies.

During Character Matters Lessons, the following will take place:
  • Building a safe classroom environment for pupils, and enhancing the bond between the form teacher and pupils through play activities.
  • Teaching of social and emotional competencies,

The FTGP is designed with strategies for pupils to acquire skills that will help them to:
  • better understand themselves (Self-Awareness);
  • learn ways to manage themselves (Self-Management);
  • better understand their family and friends (Social Awareness);
  • learn ways to work with their family and friends (Relationship Management)
  • make appropriate and responsible decisions (Responsible Decision Making)

SEL in AMKPS is carried out through the following curricula:
  • Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP)
  • Civics and Moral Education (CME)
  • Assembly programmes
  • Sexuality Education (SEd) - MOE Sexuality Education website
  • Education Career Guidance (ECG) - ECG web portal

Character Agenda 2014

The Character Agenda is another new programme that will be implemented in 2014. In the agenda, pupils are to record their daily school life experiences such as their daily learning, reflections from various learning journeys and/or school activities. Teachers will lead the pupils in going through the reflection questions. Every month, in the Character of the Month sections, pupils are also going to be introduced various famous icons who own positive moral values. This is one of the many platforms that allows for the inculcation and internalization of positive values so that we could develop pupils who are of sound character.

Community Involvement Programme (CIP) - 2013


Overseas CIP Learning Journey – Chiang Mai, Thailand

AMKPS embarked on its maiden Overseas CIP learning journey in 2011. 20 pupils and their teachers spent 5 meaningful days in Siem Reap, Cambodia during the June holidays. Our pupils became teachers for 2 days in a local village primary school and interacted with the Cambodian children through games, art activities and singing. It was heartening to see the pupils developing empathy, confidence, independence and resilience during the trip – the very values this CIP trip aimed to inculcate. 




In 2013, the school visited the local village schools in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Student Leadership

The vision of character development in AMKPS is "Every child a leader for good". The framework below shows the various avenues our pupils can contribute to the school.