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A community of creative thinkers with a passion for problem-solving in Mathematics.    


To develop enthusiasm in the learning of Mathematics through fun-filled activities.





'Support' Program 

Structured Remedial Programme (P1 to P6 pupils)
For identified P1 to P6 pupils who score less than 50% in 2013 SA2 Math

Sustained Support for Maths (SSM, P1 to P6)
Conduct Maths lessons using SSM packages which hinges on the CPA approach in getting pupils to build strong foundation in Maths. 

Enhanced Learning Support for Maths (LSM, for P1 & P2 pupils)
Conduct LSM-based lessons for P1 pupils who score ENI Level 0 to 2      
Conduct LSM-based lessons for P2 pupils who were in the 2013 P1 LSM program me

'Strengthen' Program

Mental Sums Exercises (P1 to P6)

Administer written mental sums exercises to build pupils’ mental calculation strategies.

Topical Maths Worksheets

Administer differentiated topical Math worksheets to cater to the diverse needs of the pupils. 

Holistic Assessment (HA, P1 to P5)

Administer various tasks as a form of both formative & summative assessment.

Continual & Semestral Assessment (P2 to P6)     
Administer continual & semestral assessments as a form of formative & summative assessment.
Set performance targets for P1 to P6.

Topical/Result Analysis (P2 to P6)      
Conduct topic/result analysis to identify specific areas of weakness for remediation   

Post CA/SA Interventions (P2 to P6)     
Administer remediation worksheets to address specific areas of weakness as identified in the topic analysis and error analysis of CA/SA Math papers   

Math Fiesta (P1 to P6)      
Organize Math Fiesta to allow pupils demonstrate their understanding of Math concepts through fun and engaging hands-on activities  

'Stretch' Program

Maths Trail (P4)

Organize a Maths & Science Trail to expose pupils to authentic scenarios and to allow pupil to extend their mathematical knowledge & skills on activities outside the classroom.

Process Skills Booklets Exercises (P2 to P6)

Allocate 2 Math periods per week for pupils to solve thinking skills questions from the Process Skills Booklets.

2 parallel questions to be included in every Topical Test, CA and SA.

Maths Enrichment Program (P4 & P5)

Organize Math Practical Lab Lessons conducted by Science Centre.

Organize Math Olympiad Training Programme to stretch the potentials of high ability learners in Math.

Maths Practical Lab lessons at Science Centre

For all P4 pupils. Organize Lab sessions at Science Centre to develop and enhance pupils’ critical and creativity skills as they are challenged to solve a series of mathematical games.

Maths Games during Recess (P1 to P6)

Conduct Math Games Galore sessions during recess to introduce pupils to various Math-related games.

External Maths Competitions (P4 to P6)

Coach high ability pupils through maximizing their potentials and exposing them to external Maths Competitions.

High Ability Learners (HAL) Programmes (P4 to P5)
Conduct HAL lessons for high ability learners in Math.

Professional Development

Collaborative lesson planning (P1 to P6)     

Embark on collaborative lesson planning with emphasis on forming effective/essential questions to enhance pupils’ conceptual understanding

South Zone Math Consultancy Workshops (P1 to P4)

Attend South Zone Math Consultancy Workshops to familiarize teachers with different problem-solving strategies.