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National Education


A Cohesive Community of Loyal and Committed Citizens 


Engaging Hearts and Minds of the Pupils

Key Areas of Focus

  • Promoting a sense of belonging
  • Respecting people in regardless of religions and races



Recollection of Programmes and Activities in 2013

Total Defence Day             

AMKPS commemorated Total Defence Day on 15 February 2013. This year’s theme, ““Will You Stand With Me?” aims to convey the message that the peace and stability we currently enjoy is a result of the strong foundation created by Singaporeans’ involvement and participation in Total Defence. It is now our turn to play our part and build on what Singaporeans before us have done to keep Singapore strong and secure. A briefing on the Total Defence Day activities was conducted during the Assembly programme for the pupils. One of the activities on Total Defence Day was the ‘Food Available During the War’ exercise where steamed tapioca, porridge and sweet corn will be sold during recess. This would allow pupils to experience a little of what their forefathers went through during the war. Male teachers donned their Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and Civil Defence uniforms, while female teachers wore white, green or blue to represent the colours of the SAF and Civil Defence to mark the occasion. Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was also invited to school to demonstrate and teach pupils fire-fighting procedures during recess time. Some upper primary pupils were selected to participate in the fire-fighting skills.   

International Friendship Day     

AMKPS commemorated International Friendship Day on 12 April this year. This year’s theme is The World in Singapore and it was aimed to give our pupils a deeper understanding and appreciation of Singapore’s relations with our neighbouring countries and beyond. It also nurtured in pupils the spirit of friendship and collaboration among different people and to help pupils to learn, appreciate and develop a love for other countries’ cultures. A presentation was done during the Assembly on 12 April 2013 for the pupils where they were introduced to the cultures of the countries such as Korea, Philippines, Thailand, India & Myanmar as these are countries where most of our foreign pupils originate, therefore our pupils would be able to relate more to these countries. The pupils were taught greeting words and phrases in different languages. A mass participation was conducted for the pupils of different gender to stand and greet in a particular language with simple action. Finally, ‘Guess the song’ quiz was held. The songs played in different languages and pupils had to guess the language the song was being sung in.     

NE Show             

The primary 5 pupils attended the NE Show on 27 July 2013. The pupils reported to school at 2 p.m. and reached “The Float” @ Marina Bay by 4.30pm to catch the extravagant parade and fireworks! The theme for National Day Parade (NDP) 2013 is “Many Stories… One Singapore”. It calls on everyone to remember and share the stories that make us who we are and how we identify ourselves as Singaporeans. The school hoped that our pupils would instill a sense of patriotism in students and be aware of the significance of National Day through this NE Show.   

Racial Harmony Day   

The school commemorated Racial Harmony Day on 20 July 2012. Our theme for this year’s RHD is “People. Places. Memories.” The theme acknowledges that Singapore’s diversity gives us much cause to celebrate, as we work towards envisioning and creating a more inclusive Singapore. With our resources and imagination, Singapore will continue to progress in a changing world. These aspects reflect our shared history and common destiny upon which our sense of identity as Singaporeans is built. There was a design a National Costume Competition for the P1-P5 levels. Besides that there were be many activities that pupils were engaged with during the week. 

National Day Celebrations 

AMKPS celebrated Singapore’s 48th birthday on 7 August 2013. The theme for this year is “Many Stories… One Singapore”. It calls on everyone to remember and share the stories that make us who we are and how we identify ourselves as Singaporeans. All staff and pupils will wear red tee-shirts as part of the celebrations. The formal ceremony was held on the first part of the celebrations. The pupils cheered for the P4 level for their National Day Singing Competition and sang the National Day songs for the next part of the celebrations. We hoped that the pupils had a fantastic time celebrating the nation’s birthday. 

P2 Learning Journey – Singapore Philatelic Museum   

The P2 pupils went to Singapore Philatelic Museum for their Learning Journey. During the Learning Journey, they learnt about the different types of stamps and the stories behind each stamp. With that they would be able to identify the people living in Singapore and recognise that common identity, as well as shared experiences and values unite the people in Singapore. We hoped that the pupils would learn to show willingness to accept people from diverse communities and express pride in Singapore after gaining so much valuable knowledge from the Singapore Philatelic Museum.      

P4 Learning Journey – Kampong Glam   

The P4 pupils went to Kampong Glam for their Learning Journey on 27 September 2013. The pupils learnt about the rich history and culture of Singapore’s Malay community. The pupils were brought around Kampong Glam and they visited the Istana Kampong Glam (the Sultan's Palace) and stepped into Sultan Mosque, the biggest mosque in Singapore with the capacity to accommodate up to 5,000 Muslims in congregational prayers. The pupils walked around Kampong Glam and saw many eateries offering Malay, Indonesian and Indian food and an abundance of shops selling a whole range of items from semiprecious stones to spices, and from prayer mats to textiles. It was a fulfilling trip for the pupils. They also went to Sentosa – Images of Singapore in July 2012. The learning journey was catered to ensure that history came alive for all of them. The pupils had learnt to understand how Singapore transformed from a fishing village to an independent nation and awareness of the cultures and festivals found in Singapore was increased.       

P5 Learning Journey – NeWater Centre 

The P5 pupils visited the NEWater Visitor Centre on 3 and 5 April 2013. The pupils got to see a NEWater factory that is incorporated in the NEWater Visitor Centre. They witnessed the first hand of the operation of advanced membrane and ultraviolet technologies in the production of the NEWater. Besides that, the pupils were taken for a tour by a virtual guide “Wave” who will direct our pupils each step of the way through the NEWater Visitor Centre. They were also entertained by the multimedia presentations and hands-on interactive games.  We hoped that the pupils would gain a comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of water related topics and especially NEWater and its uses. (I) P6 Learning Journey – Little India The P6 pupils visited Little India on 3 and 5 April 2013. The pupils learnt and discovered about the different customs and culture of the Indian community. The pupils were introduced to a wide variety of herbs and spices which are used in the Indian cuisine and they were given an opportunity to taste them. The pupils also visited the Indian temple and learnt a lot about Hinduism. We hoped that the pupils found the Learning Journey enriching and fruitful for them. All P6 pupils would embark on a project about their learning journey experience by doing a simple powerpoint presentation.   

P1 Learning Journey –  Peranakan Museum and Jacob Ballas Children’s Gardens 

The P1 pupils went to Peranakan Museum in Term 2. They learnt about the Peranakans’ traditions and culture. They also get to experience the trying on of the Perankan’s traditional costume. At the end of the Learning Journey, we hoped that the pupils would be able to understand that their ethnicity and traits form parts of their identity, based on guided observations of the Peranakan cultural practices and artefacts. They also went to Jacob Ballas Children’s Gardens in Term 4. They learnt about the different plants and animals living in the park. They had the opportunity to smell the different types of plants. Besides that they also learnt that they need to act responsibly in a park so that others can also enjoy the park and be caring towards the plants and animals living in the park. It was a very fruitful and meaningful learning experiences for all pupils and teachers. Programmes and Activities in 2014 NElites Newly P3 pupils will be selected to be the school NE ambassadors. A camp will be organized for these pupils who will build up their NE knowledge and values. These NE ambassadors will assist the teachers in leading the pupils through NE activities.   

NE Gallery Walk   

With the completion of the NE Gallery Walk, the department hopes that it will help to enhance the teaching and learning of NE and Social Studies in the school and also provide knowledge of the Singapore’s history, school’s history and Ang Mo Kio town’s history to all pupils. The NE Gallery walk is also aimed to expose pupils to Singapore’s history and development and to support learning through discovery and experiential-learning. The NE Gallery Walk is developed as a resource and learning centre for integrated lessons and activities to support the school’s NE programmes.