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PHE, CCA & Aesthetics



A culture where every child is spurred to be involved in sports and the arts for enjoyment and performance. 


To encourage the love of sports and the arts in every child.


Key Areas of Focus

Physical Education

To engage and excite pupils in fun PE lessons where they learn a variety of sports skills and games.



To train all pupils to be physically fit and able to participate in sports and games for enjoyment or performance. P3 pupils will be introduced to a simplified form of the NAPFA Test items. P4 to P6 pupils will be trained and tested in the 6 NAPFA Test items.

School Sports Events

The school annually organises mass participation events such as sports carnival for P3 to P6 pupils and lower primary games day for the P1 to P2 pupils as part of our conscious effort to have every child regardless of ability in having the opportunity to take part in physical exercises. There is also the “All children Workout Simultaneously Day” (ACES) which involves pupils and teachers exercising together in a mass aerobics workout.