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Art Programmes

P4 Art-mazing Camp 2011

During the June holidays, all P4 pupils participated in a 3-day fun and interactive Art camp. Pupils were introduced to various Art forms like sand animation, lomo art and coffee painting. They were also taken on a guided sculpture tour around Singapore's Central Business District. 

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AMKPS Art Idol

amkps pupils welcoming the goh during the ribbon cutting ceremony for the launch of peter draw gallery.jpg

AMKPS Art Idol is a termly competition. Each term, the best 5 art pieces in each level will be displayed in the Peter Draw Gallery where pupils will get to vote for their favourite artwork. Pupils with the most number of votes will be crowned AMKPS Art Idol of the term and will be presented with attractive prizes sponsored by Staedtler. Pupils whose artworks have been nominated will also receive consolation prizes sponsored by Staedtler. Through this competition, the school hopes to be able to provide pupils with a platform to showcase their artworks, encourage creativity, appreciate Art, provide opportunities for exchange of ideas as well as to boost pupils’ confidence.

The Art gallery has been made possible through the contribution of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts pupil volunteers, AMKPS Art committee as well as Peter Draw- an ex pupil of our school.

heART Carnival - Moving Hearts with Art 

On 1st September 2011, AMKPS held an Art carnival to raise funds for Lions Befrienders Service Association (Singapore). All Primary 4 and 5 pupils had worked very hard during their art lessons during term 3 to prepare for this meaningful event. The pupils experienced their first taste of entrepreneurship as they were involved in brainstorming for ideas for their stall, materialising their idea and thinking of marketing strategies to attract more customers to their stall., Under the guidance of their Art teachers and Art instructors Ms Yasmin Cheong and Mrs Sin, the pupils came up with very creative ideas and there were stalls selling handmade embossed candles, 'Angel clay' magnets, decoupage, pencil toppers, origami packs, pyssla bead art, cross-stitch pencil cases, polymer clay accessories etc. There were also game stalls like piñata breaking, spot the difference for famous artworks and the very well received Piet Mondrain ball tossing game. Some stalls provided services like nail painting, henna painting and application of temporary tattoos. Our Art club pupils sold ceramic artworks, gel candlesfive stones and other artworks made during their art lessons. There was also a DJ booth, an instant photo stall, balloon sculptors, caricature artist and a stall by our Parent Support Group! Everyone was in high spirits that day and the study corner was bustling with activity.

AMKPS managed to raise $5637 through the heART carnival thanks to supportive parents, pupils, ex pupils and staff of AMKPS. The funds raised from HeART Carnival will be contributed to Lions Befrienders Service Association’s island-wide Befriending Programme which helps to fund food items, toiletries and basic household appliances for about 2,500 lonely seniors, aged 65 years and above and who have limited or no family support. The funds will also go to their Outreach programme conducted through three Neighbourhood Links where active ageing and continuous learning are promoted by engaging about 1,800 seniors in a wide array of meaningful activities and courses. For some of the seniors, the centres are their home away from home. They spend most of their day time participating in the centre’s activities, interacting with the other seniors or volunteers.

The money raised will go a long way in helping the old folks and bringing joy in their life. Most importantly, it will remind us how we are all capable of playing a part in changing someone's life.