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HE Programmes

Fruitti-Veggie Bites

Fruitti-Veggie Bites is a school-based nutritional programme which has started for our P3 and 4 children in Term 1. Through this programme, pupils are encouraged to eat 2 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. For every serving of fruit/vegetable, pupils will be rewarded a small card. Every 40 small cards collected by the class will be exchanged for a bigger card which will be placed in their class.  The class which collects the most number of big cards will get a prize. The P1 and 2s will also be joining in the programme in Term 2 Wk 3.

Eye Care cum Healthy Lifestyle Week
The Healthy Lifestyle Week will be held in Term 2. Ang Mo Kio Primary School is fortunate to partner with HPB to organize an exhibition titled “60 Minutes a Day, Let's Play & Get Fit Today!”

The objectives of the exhibition were to provide pupils with opportunities to participate and exercise for 60 minutes as well as to learn about keeping a healthy lifestyle. The pupils got a hand at playing with WII games and inflatable balloons as well as to participate in various moderately intensive activities like Kickboxing, Aerobics and Hip-Hop Dancing.

School Dental Talk

P1 Dental Talk

The school dental nurse conducted an assembly talk on the importance of brushing teeth. She demonstrated the correct methods of brushing teeth and ended off with an animated cartoon video on the importance of keeping teeth clean in which the children enjoyed.

P5 Dental Talk

The school dental nurse conducted a 30-minute dental talk for each class to remind them on the importance on good brushing habits.

Personal Hygiene Talk
The P5 girls had a talk conducted by Whisper. The speaker was Miss Janice who had almost 20 years of experience in conducting talks for girls. It was an interactive session in which the girls were able to better understand the changes in their bodies as well as learn the correct method of wearing a sanitary pad. The girls were thoroughly engaged and even received a free sample of their products at the end of the talk.

Assembly Programme

Lower Primary Assembly Shows

Cerebos Assembly Show
The show is jointly presented by MediaCorp okto channel and Brand's Essence. Its objective is to reach out to the students to teach them about healthy lifestyle and the importance of keeping good vision and exercising the mind.

Food Safety Talk and Demonstration
The show educates the children on the main causes of food poisoning. By observing simple practices such as washing and keeping clean, children learn contaminated food can be prevented. This show also provides students with simple tips on keeping their food, kitchen and hands clean, that they can practice at home and when they are eating out.

Upper Primary Assembly Shows

Hasbro Assembly Show
This show teaches students the benefits of playing boardgames and the main objective is to bond together and to serve as a form of relaxation. To gather together to play board games is beneficial for improving the student's strategic planning. It can also serve as a form of relaxation for the students away from their current stressful studying environment.

Lifebuoy Assembly Show
This show teaches students about the importance of washing their hands with soap and taking care of their own personal hygiene. The highlight of the programme was the glo-germ machine which was used to demonstrate to the students how easily germs and bacteria are spread in our daily lives. It also teaches pupils the correct technique in washing hands.