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PHE Programmes



Sports Carnival for The Masses

The sports carnival (P3 to P6) is not just a day of fun and games for the pupils but also a time for the teachers and pupils to form a deeper and meaningful relationship with one another. Teachers not only do scoring of the results but also constantly encourage and cheers for the pupils. For the P1 and P2 pupils, the cooperative games played during the lower primary games day allows them to experience the joy of competition and also fairplay at the same time.
P5 Adventure Camp
All P5 pupils attend a 3-day 2-night camp at the MOE Dairy Farm Outdoor Adventure Campsite. The camp activities aim to develop pupils' character, with the focus on confidence, cooperation and courage. Throughout the camp, pupils will be gainfully occupied in an array of activities to help them learn more about themselves and others. Pupils get to conquer their fears with activities such as the high ropes confidence course, rock climbing, abseiling and zipline under the close guidance and supervision of the safety officers and teachers. Pupils also get to practise giving support and working together in groups in various teambuilding and problem solving activities. Some other highlights of the camp include an eye-opening nature walk in Bukit Timah Hill and a campfire on the second night of the camp.

P4 Swimsafer Programme

P4 pupils will be learning how to swim safely in a fun and progressive manner under the Swimsafer programme. The 6 progressive stages in which the pupils go through will help them to build their water confidence and how to survive in water. At the end of the programme, all participants will be given a certificate on the skills that they have learned and mastered during the swimming lessons.


P6 Swimsafer Programme

As part of the Post PSLE programme, the P6 pupils participate in the SwimSafer course. The course objectives are equipping pupils with water safety tips and getting them to acquire swimming as a life skill. The course comprises of 8 sessions, each lasting one and a half hours. At the end of the course, the pupils will go through a test and graduate with the entry level certificate in swimming.