Feature Magazine


A feature magazine will be put together to capture and showcase our 40 years of memories.  Titled Forty-tude, this magazine will feature AMKP stories and photographs from our pioneers, former principals, parent volunteers, staff, alumni and pupils, weaved together in one AMKP story.

Get ready to reminisce in the good old times as we take a trip with you down the memory lane at AMKP.  Recall the times we queued up in twos along the nostalgic corridors, the familiar school bell and classrooms, our teachers’ lectures, nags, and endless encouragement, that affordable egg sandwich from the canteen auntie, the morning assemblies that we attended in a half-awoken state, and the visit to the bookshop to check out the latest stationery that we longed to have…

We hope that you will enjoy this special 40th Anniversary edition of the school magazine!