Our AMKP Factor


What makes us who we are?

We identify in each AMKP graduate our unique AMKP Factor – pupils who are leaders of self and for others, with a passion for excellence.  Indeed, our pupils play an essential role in shaping our identity.  As one AMKP family as part of our 40th Anniversary celebrations, we will set up a School Identity Wall to document our pupil’s creed and outcomes for present and future AMKP pupils to embrace and champion.  

Spaces in school are where meaningful learning takes place, defining a part of our AMKP Factor.  We have also set up our Counselling Room, Restorative Room and ArtXSpace to better cater to the needs of our pupils, to create a school environment that is more conducive for learning and reflecting, and expressing their creativity.

Check out this space for updated photos of our ArtXpace and Identity Wall!


Our newly designed ArtXpace