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Desired Outcomes of AMKP Students

With the aim to nurture every child to be a confident AMKPian, we believe that he or she must be able to:

Confident Person

  • Distinguishes right from wrong
  • Knows his/her strengths and areas for growth
  • Has healthy habits and an awareness of the arts
  • Thinks for and expresses himself/herself confidently
  • Shows perseverance and knows what to do in challenging situations

Joyful Learner

  • Asks questions to find out more
  • Shows an interest in learning new things and thinks up new ideas
  • Learns with and from others
  • Uses feedback and learns from mistakes to improve own learning
  • Knows where one is in his/her learning and what his/her next steps are

Caring Citizens

  • Respects ideas and perspectives shared by peers
  • Works well with others
  • Takes initiative to help others
  • Makes a positive change in our community
  • Knows and loves Singapore