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Payment of Miscellaneous Fees by GIRO

Parents are encouraged to pay their children's fees through GIRO for the following benefits:
  • Pupils need not bring large sums of cash to school each month.
  • The teacher can spend more time teaching the pupils and not waste valuable curriculum time collecting fees. The amount deducted will be shown in the account-holder's bank passbook or statement.
  • If a pupil is eligible for an Edusave account he/ she is allowed to use the Edusave funds to pay the 2nd tier miscellaneous fees.

GIRO Deduction Dates

  • Deductions are made on the 26th of each month from February to December. If the 26th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday, deductions will be made on the next working day. You are advised to maintain sufficient funds for deduction. If deduction fails 2 times due to insufficient fund, GIRO will be suspended until the outstanding amount is settled by cash or cheque.