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From left: Front Row – Mdm Jessie Yeo, Mdm Suzana, Mr Sudhesh (HOD), Mdm Justina Yim, Miss Pamela Tock. Middle Row – Mdm Siti Noorbiyah, Mrs Liang Hui Bing, Mdm Norsinah, Mdm Avonne Tan, Miss Nicolette Pereira, Mrs Vijaya Shankar. Back Row – Mdm Sharifah, Mr Marcus Leong, Miss Judith Lin, Mdm Michelle Wong, Mdm Kristin Hamton.

Learning Outcomes

  • To empower pupils to be appreciative, creative and effective English language users
  • To develop pupils to be Critical Readers, Confident Speakers and Competent Writer

Teaching Approaches

The English department strives to create awareness among pupils of the importance of reading as well as to motivate and create an interest of the use of English among the pupils.

Programs such as the School wide Reading Program, Project Reading Star, GGRP, the English Language Festival and Little Red Dot programme provide opportunities for pupils to develop competencies in the English language.

Key Programmes

School Wide Reading Programme
The department’s focus is on reading and a reading committee of teachers has been set up with programmes such as

  • Morning Silent Reading
  • A Dictionary Skills programme as a way to interest pupils in the multiple meanings of words and nuances in meaning
  • Book fairs and talks by local authors 
  • Partnering with NLB in order to bring in more books for pupils to read, promoting books via book talks and setting up reading spaces around the school and developing the library to be a vibrant and exciting place
  • A collaboration with the Little Red Dot Team to leverage on weekly newspapers as an avenue to develop critical reading skills and increase pupils’ awareness of current affairs
  • Procurement of more current titles in order to enthuse pupils to read

Project Reading Star
The programme was set up in 2016 for all primary 1 and 2 pupils and is conducted in a contest format whereby pupils complete the activities in the booklet provided to earn stars.

The aim of the programme is:
  • To inculcate the love of reading through fun-filled activities.
  • To motivate pupils to read, especially reluctant readers, by providing the opportunities for them to achieve small successes.
Accumulated stars will be translated into different categories of awards/prizes (Gold/Silver/Bronze, Top Star, Best Free Expression). These awards are given out to recognise 
pupils’ improvement in reading and comprehension.

English Language Festival 2018
This programme was held to engage the children and develop students’ enthusiasm and the love of English language through fun-filled and unconventional activities. It is conducted for all pupils from Primary 1 to 6.

The objectives of the programme are:
  • To encourage the use of literacy skills of the English Language (Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening) in a fun way.
  • To boost pupils’ interest in the English Language.

In order to widen the pupils’ vocabulary in the English language and to motivate and sustain pupils’ interest in reading, recess activities included :
  • Mass Borrowing of books from the school library (Books on Wheels)
  • Book Sale by Readers’ House
  • Reading@theFoyer

To enhance pupils’ skills in listening and speaking, there were activities such as completing the nursery rhyme (primary 1 and 2s) as well as completing the lyrics (songs related to movies that were adapted from books).

Little Red Dot Programme
The Little Red Dot programme was conceptualised so that Primary 4 to Primary 6 pupils can leverage on the Straits Times and Little Red Dot newspaper resource as a tool to improve their visual literacy and reading comprehension skills. 

The objectives of the programme are:
  1. To expose pupils to current issues in local and international news and cultivate the habit of    reading the newspapers
  2. To encourage pupils to interact with the issues – read, reflect and respond
  3. To enhance character and citizenship learning for special days such as International                  Friendship Day or Racial Harmony Day through commemorative issues

Teachers carry out the programme throughout the year from Term 1 to Term 4. Through newspaper reading and class discussions, pupils gain a wider awareness of local and international news. Pupils also cultivate the habit of reading the newspapers at a young age. Pupils will also be able to reflect on current issues and respond with thoughts and feelings. Free-writing and the use of Padlet are constant elements in this programme and pupils are able to hone their critical thinking, summary and writing skills. Pupils are also able to try their hand at the exam components in the Little Red Dot and improve in their vocabulary and grammar in context. 

Guided Graded Reading Programme
The Guided Graded Reading Programme (GGRP)  is carried out for all P1 classes with the aim to improve the reading fluency of pupils.  Pupils who have undergone this program in the past 2 years have shown promising results with the majority of pupils almost meeting or surpassing their reading age.

The objectives of this program are:
  • To promote reading skills and reading fluency
  • To acquire language structures and vocabulary through exposure
  • To increase motivation and confidence in using English Language

Pupils reinforce their learning of regular and irregular words and acquire basic reading skills during this programme. They also develop their listening, reading, viewing and speaking skills. A pre-test is conducted at the beginning of the year to ascertain the pupil’s reading age. A post test is conducted in both May and November to determine the progress of the pupils.

For Parents

The English department urges you to join our efforts to inculcate in your children the love for reading and the English Language. Research shows that children tend to emulate the reading habits of significant adults in their lives so setting a good example at home will go a long way in influencing their reading behaviour.

Together we can make our children better readers and learner of English!