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Learning Outcomes

  • To nurture skillful and confident problem-solvers
  • To empower individuals to apply Math thinking skills to a variety of authentic contexts
  • To acquire cognitive and meta-cognitive process skills through carefully constructed learning experiences

Teaching Approaches

The Mathematics department believes that every student should be provided with a variety of learning experiences to help him or her develop a deep understanding in mathematical concepts, and to make sense of various mathematical ideas, as well as their connections and applications in real-life situations. 

In the teaching of Mathematics, we advocate the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach to help students build a strong foundation in the learning of mathematics. Students are also exposed to various problem-solving skills, thinking skills and heuristics, and how these skills can be applied to solve problems.  

We take pride in ensuring that collaborative and experiential learning experiences are weaved into Math lessons to make the learning of mathematics fun, meaningful and relevant for our students.

Key Programmes

Math Fiesta (P1 - P6)

The Math Fiesta is an annual event that offers a stimulating platform for pupils from all levels to apply Math problem solving skills in a variety of scenarios. We transform our Mathematics classrooms to allow our students to interact with and challenge their peers in some healthy and fun investigative tasks.

Math1.jpg Math3.jpg

Games Galore (P1 - P4)

Through Mathematics-based games and activities, we encourage and guide our students to construct and master their knowledge of Mathematics. Fun and interactive Math games and activities are made available during recess for pupils looking for a good time whilst reinforcing Math concepts. They even get to try their hand in the award-winning game system on the iPad that promotes hands-on play. Recesses will never look the same again!

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E2K & Olympiad program

Targeted and tailored for upper primary pupils who demonstrate interest and aptitude in Mathematics. These programs aim to develop mathematical reasoning skills and deepen their conceptual understanding of the subject through an inquiry approach.
From left: Back Row - Mdm Rena Tay, Mrs Jolene Quek, Mrs Kaelyn Kang, Mdm Linda Tan, Mrs Sylvia Quek, Miss Yeo Sze Min, Miss Ang Wei Lin. Front Row - Mdm Letchimi, Mr Vincent Shanmugam, Mrs Lily Seah, Mrs Brenda Seetoh (HOD), Ms Surya Parvathi, Mr Vincent Tan, Mdm Ang Kheng.