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Badminton is an enjoyable sport for building physical and mental fitness. This CCA sport is played non-competitively in the school and is opened to all interested pupils. It is a highly popular CCA and has one of the highest enrolment in the school.

The basics of badminton are not difficult to master. New players with little or no skill can enjoy their first game and progress quickly. Dedicated and encouraging CCA teachers train pupils in the rules of the game, basic game skills and tactics through drills and games. Pupils having advanced skills also enjoy playing exciting and challenging games with their CCA teachers.

On top of learning badminton playing skills, pupils learn the value of teamwork and responsibility through games, setting-up of the courts and keeping all the equipment after each CCA session. Pupils develop self-confidence and perseverance as they learn to master their playing skills in a fun and conducive environment.


Teachers in Charge

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Training Schedule

Monday, 2:30 to 4:30PM

AttireSchool PE Attire