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Info-Communication Technology

ICT Committee

From Left: Back Row - Mr Ronald Lee, Mr Murali Kumaran. Middle Row - Mr Mohd Riaz, Mr Melvin Ong (HOD), Mr Wu Weixiang. Front Row - Ms A Gayathree, Mdm Chang Shuyun, Miss Syazwani Saharoni.

Learning Outcomes

  1. To create awareness in the potential for learning through Info-Communication tools.
  2. To build competencies in the basic IT skills (e.g. Microsoft Office) so as to be ready for more IT driven learning.
  3. To create future ready citizens who are responsible digital learners.

Teaching Approaches

The IT department strives to provide a conducive and supportive environment that is sufficient in infrastructure and software so that both students and teachers can benefit from the vast potential that IT driven learning can provide. We also strive to build capabilities in both students and teachers so that we can all be confident in using IT.

Cyber-wellness is also a key concern for us. All of us can attest to the fact that we are living in a World where Technology can be a double edged sword. Programs such as FTGP lessons, Assembly Talks and the Cyber-wellness Ambassador Programs are some of the ways that we promote the responsible use of technology.

Key Programs

Baseline ICT Skills
Students are taught ICT skills progressively every year so as to prepare them for IT driven learning methods both here in Ang Mo Kio Primary School and also in the higher learnig institutes. The IT department is constantly reviewing the skill sets that should be taught to the students so as to keep up with the latest IT trends. Programming was introduced in 2018 to Primary 6 because it promotes critical thinking in the students. 

Level Skills
Primary 1   Touch Typing
Primary 2 Touch Typing
Primary 3 Microsoft Word, Garage Band, Photoshop, IMovie
 Primary 4  Microsoft PowerPoint, Photoshop
 Primary 5  Microsoft Excel, Photoshop
 Primary 6  Scratch Programming, Photoshop, IMovie

Cyber-wellness Programmes
It is a concerns for us because technology and the internet can truly be a double edged sword. Cyber-bullying, inappropriate materials that may pollute young minds and fake news are but just a few of the things that we should be concerned about. Which is why, the ICT Committee in Ang Mo Kio Primary School is very concerned about producing responsible digital learners. Following are the programs and strategies to ensure the safety of our pupils while using technology and the internet.

Total of 14 lessons from Primary 1 to 6 during CML classes on various cyber-wellness topics
Assembly talks on Cyber Bullying and Fake News
Cyber-wellness Ambassador Programme for selected students
Participation in DQ World (upcoming)

Home-based Learning (E-Learning Day)
To promote self-directed learning, the school will set aside one day for home-based learning. Students will be assigned online lessons and homework which they will have to complete at home on E-Learning day.