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Fiesta - AMKP Sports Carnival


Our much-anticipated FIESTA – AMKP Sports Carnival was held on 9 March 2018.  This annual event provides an opportunity for our pupils, staff and parents to bond through sports and games, as well as to promote sportsmanship, and an active and healthy lifestyle.  The addition of five Leaderboard Challenges was our first this year, and our pupils got to challenge themselves and their peers in their pursuit of excellence in sports.

Apart from the competitive events such as the Inter-Class Captain’s Ball, Basketball, Floorball, and Frisbee Tournaments, there were also 24 game stations set up around the school for our pupils to learn a new sport, or just have fun with their friends.

We are grateful to our parent volunteers who had supported our event and provided their assistance to make this event a successful one.  Our pupils demonstrated good sportsmanship, resilience, respect, and care towards others while having fun picking up new skills and strategies in each game.  This annual tradition is particularly meaningful in our 40th year as we come together to forge stronger bonds and celebrate our AMKP spirit as one family.