Fun Learning Day


Building on the AMKP Factor on our 40th Anniversary, 21 November 2018 is designated as our staff’s Fun Learning Day! 

One of AMKP’s strategic directions is to develop joyful learners.  Fun Learning Day serves to deepen AMKP staff innovation and promote sharing of ideas and best practices to enhance our curriculum and teaching and learning at AMKP, to make learning here a joyful and meaningful experience.

We will focus our reflections and discussions on our curriculum and align AMKP pupils’ learning experience with AMKP’s Wheel of Experience (W.E.), namely:

a)    Values Integration

b)    Voice & Ownership

c)    Quality Relationship

d)    Opportunities for All

e)    Growth Mindset

Each department will also get to share how we leverage on tools such as Information and Communications Technology (ICT), SLS Pedagogical Scaffolds & Singapore Teaching Practice to make teaching and learning more relevant to our pupils, and to support and promote self-directed learning habits in our pupils outside the classroom.

Stay tuned for more updates!