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Foreword - About Forty-tude

Celebrating AMKP 40th Anniversary with Forty-tude



                                               Familiar smiles, fond memories

                                               Our story - one of fortitude

                                               Reflecting on our past, remembering legacies

                                               Together we as one family

                                               Years forward, forging the future in our community

This year, we celebrate our 40th Anniversary. Our theme, ‘Forty-tude’, signifies our resilience and strength that all past, present, and future AMKPians embrace and will carry forward.



AMKP has grown from strength to strength since its humble beginnings in 1978. In the last forty years, we built on our pioneers’ legacies and stories, which formed the foundation and pillars supporting and guiding our common goal and philosophy in education.

We have shaped Ang Mo Kio’s landscape by developing Amkpians who create a positive impact on our community. United in our mission ’To Care, To Guide, and To Inspire’ our children, we will continue to work towards our vision that every Amkpian is a leader of self and for others, with a passion for excellence.


AMKP has come a long way to be where we are today. We are grateful to every AMKP staff, parent, alumni, and pupil for the bonds we have forged, memories we have shared, and fortitude in spirit we have built in our school and our community.


A legendary icon of AMKP, Mdm Suriati Bte Jahuri, affectionately known as Aunty Su, is our longest serving staff to date.  She has served our school as our support staff since its founding in 1978.  She believes that AMKP develops self-directed learners and leaders who are grounded in values and sent both her children here.  Now proud alumni of our school, Aunty Su’s children have gone on to become caring citizens contributing to our community.  Aunty Su's dedication, resilience, and fortitude make up the AMKP spirit that we hope for all Amkpians can embrace and champion.  

AMKP is Ang Mo Kio’s history, present, and future.  Our forty years of growth would not have been possible without the support from our AMK community and all staff, parents and partners as we come together to develop our children holistically.  We look forward to your continued support as we chart our future in Ang Mo Kio and write our story as one AMKP family. 

Aspire and be inspired.