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Sharing from an Ex-Student

Xu Anyi graduated in the year 2010 from Class 6A of Ang Mo Kio Primary School. In celebration of our 40th Anniversary, she shares with us here two events that she found most memorable when she was a student of AMKPS. 

I'll like to share two events I remember from Primary School. 

The first one was in Primary 5. Each class was given a country, and had to dress up their representative accordingly. I was representing 5A, and our theme was the US. What represents America the best? The Statue of Liberty. So we got a bunch of paper along with other materials, and rolled it up to make the crown and the torch. The dress was made from trash bags, I think. I can’t remember much details, but I recall the feeling of being onstage clearly. Excitement was bubbling in my chest, looking at the cameras and the students seated right in front. The emcees were commenting on each representative, introducing the iconic characters or features involved. I suppose we did a good job, as they could tell I was portraying the Statue of Liberty. Needless to say, my face appeared on the following issue of the school's newsletter. 

The second one is the S-GEM (Speak Good English Movement). Every Friday during assembly, we would be in the Hall, with teachers organising various events to promote good English. On some days, they would choose common 'Singlish' phrases, and correct us with the corresponding 'English' phrases. Some examples I remember are 'I die-die must do' -> 'I really have to do it' and 'I ownself do' -> 'I can do it myself'. These Singlish phrases were foreign to me, so I was actually learning both Singlish and English in S-GEM. It's quite funny in retrospect. On other days, we sang songs such as 'The Climb' and 'Bad Day' (pitched-up version). These assemblies were enjoyable and relaxing, as we students got to participate in the performance too. These simple joys are nostalgic and worth reminiscing.  

There are a lot more events I'd like to share, but these two stood out more. Perhaps I can save the other memories for next time. 

Xu Anyi (Graduated 2010, Class of 6A)