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Our Story

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Ang Mo Kio Primary School was the first school to be built in Ang Mo Kio New Town which was being developed during the late seventies. For the first three months, the new Primary 1 pupils were housed in Dorset Primary School.

On 10th April 1978, the pupils moved into its premises at 22, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3. They were joined by pupils and teachers from Jalan Kayu Primary School which closed down that year. Mr Oh Choon Eng was our first principal. On Friday, 12th October 1978, the school was officially declared opened by Mr Yeo Toon Chia, then the Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio Constituency.

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Our first School Logo
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Confirms our status as the first Government Primary 
School in the estate of Ang Mo Kio

 On 20th November 1992, the school moved to its premises at Street 21, which was initially occupied by Ai Tong Primary School. On 3rd September 1993, in an inaugural ceremony, the school was officially declared opened by Mr Suradi Ngadiman, an Inspector of Schools.

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On 2nd January 2002, Kebun Baru Primary School and Ang Mo Kio Primary School merged to form the new Ang Mo Kio Primary School. On 30th May 2002, the school relocated to its present location at 20, Ang Mo Kio. 
In April 2009,  the school was earmarked for building expansion and reconstruction under the Programme for Rebuilding and IMproving Existing Schools (PRIME). The school was one of the first 28 schools to acquire Phase 1 PRIME implementation, driven by the movement to move all primary schools to a single-session model to support higher quality primary education as recommended by the Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) Committee.

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The reconstruction work began in Nov 2010 and was granted T.O.P. on Dec 2012. The school began its first single session operation on 2nd January 2013, boasting the latest facilities such as an all new, competition-ready Indoor Sports Hall, a new classrooms block, new library facelift, new learning support facilities, extended staff room, as well as provision of student-care rooms for future planning needs. 

These facilities will be able to support implementation of MOE-initiated Programme for Active Learning (PAL) for our P1 and P2 pupils, and enhance the existing PE. Art and Music (PAM) modules to create a holistic learning experience for all its pupils here in Ang Mo Kio Primary School.
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Our Current School Logo
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View of ISH and Block D
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View of the whole school

Principal List

ANG MO KIO PRIMARY (Pre-2000)   
Mr Oh Choon Eng  1978 - 1982 
Mr Low Yong Kee 1982 - 1992
Mrs Toh Boon Keng 1992 - 1998
Mr Tan Kee Hai  1999 - 2001 
Mr Anthony Cheok  1983 - 1996 
Mr Tan Ah Khai  1996 - 2000
ANG MO KIO PRIMARY (Post-2000)  
Mr Patrick Sih  2002 - 2006 
Mdm Chua Lay Tin 2006 - 2012 
Mr Chew Mun Wai  2012 - 2020  
Mrs Lim Bee Lay2021 - Current