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Principal's Message

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Since its merger with Kebun Baru Primary School in 2002, Ang Mo Kio Primary School (AMKP) has been living out its motto, “Aspire and Be Inspired”, to nurture our children’s aspirations, ignite their inspirations, so as to realise their potential. This has been achieved through the diverse programmes and engaging learning experiences, guided by its mission, “To Care, To Guide, To Inspire”. The school’s vision remains as “Every Child, a Leader of Self and for Others, with a Passion for Excellence”. This vision captures the developmental goals AMKP has for every child. We want every child to be a leader in the way he or she behaves and thinks. A child leader in AMKPS is a

(a) Confident Person,
(b) Caring Citizen and
(c) Joyful Learner.

In AMKP, we aspire to care for children with diverse interests, abilities and needs. We believe in the value of every child, and hence we want to nurture every child to become a Confident Person. The word “Person” may carry no particular role or duty, but every Person is invaluable, regardless of what title he or she carries or what he or she can contribute. Therefore we believe that every child, regardless of his or her achievement or character, deserves to receive care and dignity that will see him or her blossom into a Confident Person. The interesting thing about a Confident Person is, it does not end here. Confident people often become caring individuals who are considerate and want to contribute to the community. 

Hence, we also believe with care and confidence, every child in AMKP can be guided to become a Caring Citizen who can make the community, home, neighbourhood, Singapore and even the world, a better place. A Confident Person who is a Caring Citizen also needs to be a Joyful Learner so that he or she can develop the right set of values, skills and knowledge to make a difference in this world.

A Joyful Learner learns for life, dares to take on risks to learn and try new things, and learns from mistakes and setbacks. A Joyful Learner has the passion and skills in his or her pursuit of excellence, striving always to be better every day. Our AMKP staff also strive to be better every day and every year. Our staff never stop learning and innovating, striving to do better for the children every year – becoming more competent and staying reflective in their diverse areas of expertise (teachers, support officers and specialists). This year, we launch our new school website, in the spirit of wanting to make it better – more accessible and informative for our staff, students, parents,  partners, and whoever who wants to learn more about Ang Mo Kio Primary School. We wish you a pleasant experience in browsing this website. We also look forward to your feedback (whether complimentary or constructive) so that we can continue to refine this website to serve you better, as we aspire and be inspired in our pursuit of excellence.

Thank you
Mr Chew Mun Wai