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Table Tennis4th Placing - South Zone Inter-Primary School Table Tennis Championships
(Senior Girls)

 Table TennisNational Inter-Primary School Table Tennis Championships
(Junior Girls Individual) 
- Doubles Tier 4 - 1st (Neo Jia En Jermaine)
- Singles Tier 4 - 2nd (Dai Yuxi
- Doubles Tier 4 - 1st (Goik Gigi)
- Doubles Tier 4 - 1st (Gao Wenyue)
- Doubles Tier 4 - 1st (Keira Audrina Tan Zhi Yi)

Table Tennis National Inter-Primary School Table Tennis Championships
(Junior Boys Individual) 
- Singles Tier 4 - 1st (Zhou Zhihao)
- Singles Tier 4 - 2nd (Sean Loo Jian Hua_)
- Doubles Tier 4 - 2nd (Challa Surya Prasad)
- Doubles Tier 4 - 2nd (Muhd Hady Bin Moorshid)

 Track and FieldNational School Games SPSSC Track & Field Championship 2019
C’ Division Boys Shot Put: 3rd (Avan Ng)

 Red CrossRed Cross First Aid Competition
Wu Yutong (Bronze Award)
Fynbella Tan (Bronze Award)
Ramesh Babu Ramya (Bronze Award)
Tan Guan Yu (Bronze Award)
Moo Woon Xian Nyx (Bronze Award)
Zhen Yi Xuan (Bronze Award)
Rifqah Syadinah Binte Saifudin (Bronze Award)
Jocelyn Lim (Bronze Award)
Anabelle Tng (Bronze Award)
Lai Yuan Hao (Bronze Award)
Chen Shu En Lynn (Bronze Award)
Koh Rui En Rainie (Bronze Award)
Ron Ong Sheng De (Bronze Award)
Rifqah Syadinah Binte Saifudin 
(Leadership - Director Award)
 ScoutsLongest Travelling 3R Car Competition
Mother Tongue Department Champion - Tamil Spelling Bee National Level Competition

 3R Car Derby Competition
(1 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze Awards)