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Student Learning Space (MOE)

Instructions and FAQs

Unsure of how to reset your password or what to do when you are logged out of your account? Please click here for a self-help guide.

Navigating SLS 

SLS_Login.JPGA) Logging In

Click here to access Student Learning Space

Username: [First 5 letters of student's name] + [last 5 characters of student's BC number]
Refer to Student Handbook for username and password. Use "forgot password" function on SLS login page to reset password if needed. Remember to update Student Handbook if password was reset.  

B) Accessing Your Homework
You can find the groups that you are in under the "User Group" tab. 
To find your homework, go to the "Due Soon/To Do" tab. 

C) Completing your homework
Click on “OPEN” to begin SLS homework
The “To Do” tab in this picture shows there is 1 activity that is incomplete. All activities have to be completed.



School Based (Mon - Fri, 8am - 4pm)

Phone:                6459 0247 
Online Form:     https://go.gov.sg/amkpicthelp (preferred method)

SLS Helpdesk
Operating Hours
Mon - Fri
4pm - 9pm (School Days)
9am - 9pm (School Holidays)
9am - 3pm
*Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

Email: helpdesk@sls.ufinity.com
Tel: 6702 6513