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Brass Band


Our AMKP Brass Band provides the platform for students to learn and master musical instruments under professional guidance. Our band members perform at both school and national levels. Each member puts their best foot forward and ensures that they are a valuable asset in one of the six instrumental sections: Cornet, Euphonium, Horn, Trombone, Tuba and Percussions. We are involved in the bi-annual Singapore Youth Festival (SYF).

Other than CCA-specific skills, our AMKP Brass Band develops our students as future leaders. We groom student leaders through a structured leadership system where senior band members hold leadership positions like Band Major and Instrumental Sectional Leaders. Our leaders provide guidance to junior band members and play an important role in band matters. 

Training Schedule

Friday2:00pm to 4:00pmBand Room
Attire       Students are to be in their P.E. attire and appropriate footwear.


Teachers in charge

Mdm Thio Puan Kin.JPG
Mdm Thio Puan Kin
Mdm Lynn Toh.JPG
Mdm Lynn Toh
Mdm Lum Hai Yean.JPG

Mdm Lum Hai Yean


Year Achievement
2016 Certificate of Accomplishment (SYF Arts Presentation)  
2018 Certificate of Accomplishment (SYF Arts Presentation)