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English Drama


The vision for our English Drama is that every English Drama member will become a confident and self-expressive individual.

This year, English Drama Club members will learn to appreciate a variety of theatre performances of different styles (e.g. Puppetry), as well as have opportunities to express their creativity and develop their presentation skills. English Drama will also be a platform for students to nurture values such as respect, resilience and care as they learn skills in critical and inventive thinking and self and social awareness. 


Training Schedule

Monday2p.m. to 4p.m.Dance Studio
 AttireStudents are to be in their school uniform or PE attire. Please bring along writing stationery and your reflection notebook. 

Teachers in charge

Mrs Pamela Thio.JPG
Mrs Pamela Thio
Mr Jex Nicholas.JPG
Mr Jex Nicholas John Frederick 
Mdm Amirah.JPG
Mdm Amirah

Participants and Achievements

2019Guest performers at “Singapore Youth Festival 2019 Celebrations in the Community- Play!” on 6th July 2019 @ Our Tampines Hub