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Art Committee

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From left: Mdm Mastura, Mr Tan Kay Yong, Ms Shirley Toh

Learning Outcomes

  • To engage students in observing surrounding and artworks closely through inquiry based learning approach.
  • To provide students with opportunity to explore and express ways to create and communicate through experiential of different media, art forms and tools to develop their artistic processes. 
  • To empower students with skills to connect and interpret artworks and deepen their appreciation and understanding of the values of art in their lives and society.

Teaching Approaches

In Ang Mo Kio Primary School, art lessons are planned and developed with the aim of inculcating in pupils a deep appreciation in the values of art in the lives of students and the world they live in via the 4E approach namely experience, exposure, expression and enrich.

In the Experience domain, pupils experience a wide variety of conventional and nonconventional materials and tools , media and art forms. This allows pupils to experiment and innovate.

In the Exposure domain, pupils will go on Museum Based Learning at Art Museums (e.g. National Gallery Singapore, ArtScience Museum) to get the first-hand experience and exposure to seeing authentic artworks. This allows pupils to deepen understanding of the connection of art to culture, society and world they live in. The whole school is also exposed to different art forms via the art assemblies and art events (e.g. Awesome week annually.

In the Expression and Enrich domains, pupils are able to demonstrate a mastery of the different art skills taught at different levels and showcase their artworks on School and national platforms, School ArtXpace and ArtXcapade (outside school) as well as SYF visual art.

Key Programs

1. Art Skills

LevelHighlighted Exposure
Primary 1Explore of different Medium (2D & 3D)
Primary 2Explore of different Medium (2D & 3D) 
Primary 3
Batik Painting
3D Sculpture Printmaking
Primary 4
Ceramics appreciation
Digital Art
Museum Based Learning at NGS 
Primary 5
 Ceramics appreciation
Design Digital Art
Primary 6
Sand Performance & Digital Art
Museum Based Learning at ArtScience Museum 

Fig.2  Primary Art Syllabus Framework

2. Art Assembly Program

Pupils participated in the painting of Batik Lantern

Pupils participated
Pupils admiring artworks done by peers 
Caricature Assembly

Batik Talk by Mr Sakarsi Said (Cultural Medallion) 
3. Aesthetic Week

  • Pupils will develop an appreciation and interest in exploring different art forms through active participation during aesthetics activities.
  • Pupils will display positive social behaviour such as care and respect towards others while striving for excellence in everything that they do through perseverance and resilience.

4. Art Competition (in and outside school) (Exposure)


Artwork by Kayla Deng

Chosen to exhibit in SOTA 2018

Artwork by Shermin Lim, Angel Ng, Low Zhi yue & Ma Tian Yu

Chosen to exhibit in National Gallery Singapore 2017 till present

Artwork by Sebastian Hooi

Selected by AMKPians as the P5 Camp Resilience Tshirt

For Parents

The Art Department of Ang Mo Kio Primary School urges you to join us in our effort to cultivate a self-directed learner who is able to appreciate art and is confident in using art to express himself/ herself. The child upon entering AMKPS needs to keep a A3 black art portfolio which will be used throughout his/ her 6 years of art curriculum. We need parents’ support to help the children to be responsible for their materials and ensure they are kept in school during the school term.

SYF Exhibition

syf (2).png

The SYF 2019 Art Exhibition, Artist and Citizenship features artworks by students from Primary Schools, Full Schools (primary section) and Special Education Schools (primary section). This year, one of our pupils’ artworks were selected for the exhibition which will be open to schools and public from 6 July to 21 July, 10.00 am to 7.00 pm daily.

Please visit here for more information about SYF Exhibition.