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A community of creative pupils who are enthusiastic in musical performances, improvising new rhythms and movements.


To develop pupils' confidence in learning and singing meaningful songs and moving to the rhythm of good music.

Teaching Approaches

In Ang Mo Kio Primary School, music lessons are planned and developed to instill a deep appreciation in the aesthetic domain. This is done via the 4E approach; experience, exposure, expression and enrichment.

In the Experience domain, pupils are given a wide variety of experiences in playing different pitched instruments. Pupils are also exposed to a variety of songs through the different repertoires of the songs introduced at different levels.

In the Exposure domain, theatrical experiences are planned for Primary 2 pupils via the Music Learning Journey. The whole school is also introduced to different music forms through Music assemblies.

In the Expression and Enrich domains, pupils are able to demonstrate a mastery of the different musical skills taught at the different levels and to perform on stage. Pupils are able to showcase their various musical talents, whether singing, dancing or playing an instrument through the Open Mic platform during the annual AWESOME week and the Primary 6 graduation concert.  

Key Programs

1. Singing and Instrumental Modules 

Level Highlighted Exposure
Primary 1 Singing and Responding to Music using simple movements
 Primary 2 Coloured Bells
Primary 3
Keyboard / Garage Band
Primary 4  Recorder / Ukulele (Module1)  
 Primary 5 Ukulele (Module 2) 
Primary 6 Guitar

P2 Learning Journey

The aim of the P2 learning journey was to provide an opportunity for the pupils to be exposed to different musical experiences outside of school. Through the learning journey, pupils learn that sounds are created due to a combination of force and a surface of an instrument. Pupils are also highly engaged in the outdoor performance and hands on instrument making session.

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3. AWESOME Week 
The Open Mic creates a platform for the pupils to showcase their musical talents in singing, dancing and instrumental playing. This platform is popular among the performers and audience alike as they gather at Junction Artz for a session of sing- a-long and support their peers who are performing.

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