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Art Club


The Art Club aims to develop well-rounded student leaders who are self-disciplined and creative in art making using their talents to serve the communities.

Students gaining first hand art exposure through museum learning journeys


  • In the Art club, students get to try and explore various interesting art forms and expression such as ceramics, painting, caricature drawing, sand performance and mural painting to name a few. 
  • They also participated actively in external event such as SYF exhibition and museum learning journey to gain first hand experience and appreciation of the masters’ artworks. In respond, the students contribute back to the communities through art communities projects such as Chingay @ heartlands bin painting, Artist talk@2015 SYF, NEA Hawker Centres Art Initiative etc.
    Students doing community mural painting at Mayflower Market

Empowered with Character building

  • In art club, students are expected to not only learn the skills, but also to teach others. They run event such as Aesthetics Week. Managing the whole process from the conceptualizing to the actualization of the project.
  • Through the process, students are constantly learning to overcome their fear and embracing the possibilities with open mind.
  • Students learn the importance of putting in relentless effort into honing their craftsmanship. Take for instance, during Ceramics lessons, they have to practice for hours on the banding wheel to just get the centering of the base layer before they can build a vessel up.

            Students confidently presented the mural painting to Minister Grace Fu

IMG-20160421-WA0019.jpg“Art Club is fun despite the challenges. I learnt about resilience when I was doing the texture rubbing. It was tough to shade on uneven wall. I asked for help from my teacher and I keep trying. I was really happy when I see the finish work.” 
~Chan Xin Ying 
              3 Responsibility


Student artists in action during Aesthetics Week to draw caricature for participants
Students teaching and guiding one another for the Aesthetics Week Presentation

Art9.jpgStudent created a diorama artwork for Aesthetics Week

Caricature within 3mins.jpg

Caricature within 3 mins

“When I was doing the caricature portrait drawing, I did not draw very well at the start but I learnt not to give up and keep trying and I succeed”
~Zhang Tian Yu 
                                                              4 Integrity

Teachers in Charge

Mdm Mastura.jpg
Mdm Mastura Bte Noordin 
Mr Er Darren.jpg
Mr Darren Er 
Miss Renie Ashsyakirin Bte Adnan .jpgMiss Renie Ashsyakirin

Mdm Kalaiyarasi DO Kalidasan.jpg
Mdm Kalaiyarasi

Training Schedule





2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Art Room 1 & 2


Year Achievement
2013 Certification of Recognition (SYF Arts Presentation)

Certification of Recognition (SYF Arts Presentation)

‘Past of Singapore’ showcased at National Gallery Singapore 2015-2017

 2017 Certification of Recognition (SYF Arts Presentation)

Artwork ‘Moving Spaces’ showcased at National Gallery Singapore 2017-present

Community Project and Art Exhibitions

Year Events
  • Participated in SYF Fringe Art Activity by engaging public with dotted art. 

  • Participated in the Passion Arts Carnival at Ang Mo Kio Central, by involving public with art making“ Every drop counts” Art·         
  • NEA hawker center Art, Mural painting at Mayflower market 
  • Facilitate exhibition in school ‘ArtXuberance’

  • Painted 20 Bins for Chingay at Heartland Project with Kebun Baru CC 
  • Facilitate exhibition in Ang Mo Kio National Library ‘ArtXcapade’
  • TTSH Fall Prevention Posters Design 
  • Facilitate exhibition in school ‘Awesome Week’ 
  • Passion Art: Created 11 Plank Art designs which were displayed along AMK Ave 4 for 2017 National Day Celebration 
  • Facilitate exhibition in school ‘Awesome Week’

Learning Journeys

Pupils are exposed to learning beyond the school with learning journey to e.g. Art Science Museum, National Gallery Singapore, Singapore Art Museum annually.