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Basketball is a a team sport that develops students' physical, social and mental well-being. Through our rigorous trainings, our boys improve their physical fitness and basketball skills tremendously. Our boys also learn how to work well with others, both on and off the court, and develop a strong sense of resilience, sportsmanship and a positive sense of self. It is our aim that our students acquire these important life skills so as to grow up to be confident and caring contributors to society.

Basketball only started in the year 2015 and interest in this CCA has since grown exponentially. Our dedicated teachers and students take tremendous pride in the CCA and takes every training session very seriously. Despite having never qualified for the SPSSC National Basketball Championships, our performance in the Zonal Championships has improved with every year. We aim to qualify for the National Championships in the near future.


Teachers in Charge

Mr Marcus Victor Leong.jpg
Mr Xavier Chow.jpg
Mrs Sylvia Quek.jpgMr Jex Nicholas.jpg

Training Schedule

ScheduleMonday, 2:30 to 4:30PM
Schedule (competitive team)Friday, 2:00 to 4:00PM
 Attire Students are to be in their school PE attire and assembled at the basketball court 5 minutes before the start of training.


2017South Zone Junior Boys – Fourth in Group
2018South Zone Junior Boys – Third in Group