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Track and Field



Track and Field is a sport which includes the skills of running, jumping and throwing. Strength, speed, conditioning and proper techniques are vital to a Track and Field athlete’s key success. In addition, the athlete’s mental resilience is just as important as the physical attributes of the sport.

The team’s core values of Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Resilience and Courage are the gears that steer every member. Self-discipline is also an integral part of the team. With these values, every session and competition is taken seriously with the objective to improve and excel. The athletes are also reminded to find the joy in learning and to take every experience as a lesson.

Over the years, the team has gone through many changes but all of them has attributed to the strong bond that the team has built today. Every athlete is educated that the team is a family outside of school and this encourages them to love and care for one another.

The team has brought glory to the school since our establishment. With the tutelage of committed staff and the firm partnership of stakeholders, we will continue to endeavour to nurture all members holistically through the CCA.



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Training Schedule

Monday, 2:30 to 4:30PM 
(Possible venue - Bishan Stadium)
(competitive team)

Friday, 2:00 to 4:00PM (AMKPS)


PE Attire & Running Track Shoes


 2007National School Games SPSSC Track & Field Championship 2007
‘C’ Division Boys: Champions
 2010National School Games SPSSC Track & Field Championship 2010
‘D’ Division Boys: Champions
 2011National School Games SPSSC Track & Field Championship 2011
‘D’ Division Boys: 1st Runner-Up
 2017SSP-SAA Primary Schools Track & Field Invitational Meet 2017
‘B’ Division Boys 60m: 1st Runner-Up  (Sean Kumaran) 
 2018SSP-SAA Primary Schools Track and Field Invitational Meet 2018
'D' Division Boys Shot Put: 3rd (Avan Ng) 
 2018National School Games SPSSC Track & Field Championship 2018
‘D’ Division Boys Shot Put: 5th (Avan Ng)