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Parents Support Group (PSG)

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Mdm Jaishree Nimesh
PSG EXCO Members:        Mdm Magdalene Yeo
                                            Mdm Mrudula Hallikeri
                                            Mdm Priya Dinesh
                                            Mdm Phang Teen Teen
                                            Mdm Pramoda Kameswari
                                            Mdm Yamuna Ravi
                                            Mdm Preeti Khanna
                                            Mdm Florence Ow
                                            Mdm Indra Vengadasalam
                                            Mdm Priya Varghese

Mdm Chua Liting
                                            Mdm Arthi Narsimhan

About Us

Please note that all activities shown in video were conducted before Circuit Breaker. 

Interested to join the PSG?

Parents who are interested to join the PSG, please download the form below and submit a hardcopy to the General Office.

Health Promotion

In support of AMKP’s health promoting programme, our Parent Support Group (PSG) has developed a series of videos on the preparation of simple, healthy meals and engaging in physical activities for sharing with our parents and students. Enjoy! 

Banana Oat Smoothie

Calamari Pasta

Fruit Sandwich

Potato and Chicken Salad

Tortilla Wrap

Vegetarian Sandwich

Vegetarian Sandwich

Health Promotion (2)